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converters and data memory, and the related communication technology in collaboration with our partners and customers. Our products correspond to the latest state of the art for trade and non-trade applications. The products from Metreg Technologies have been developed, tested and approved especially for use in natural gas distribution plants, skid solutions, fuel gas measurements, mobile measurement and analysis systems, measurement and analysis containers, biogas plants, “power to gas” systems, control stations and natural gas storage facilities.

Metreg Technologies delivers tried and tested quality. The Devices have been tested and approved in accordance with the relevant directives (MID; PED, ATEX) from the EU by European notified bodies for module B type. The device production process is approved in accordance with module D or module H by European notified bodies and the devices are tested for conformity on our own or externally approved test benches individually by our qualified and trained employees.


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Ralf Krüger
Assembly Service
Dirk Glaschke
Production Manager & Head of Measurement and Calibration Technology
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Bärbel Gronert
Specialist Measurement & QS and warehouse logistics
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Steffen Faul
Leak Test Stand MT