Metreg Technologies delivers tried and tested quality.

Metreg Technologies GmbH, founded in 2013 by Managing Director at the time, Jost Körte, is a manufacturer of measurement technology. With highly qualified, experienced and flexible employees in the company group, we can be your partner in the gas industry. Since 2018, Metreg has been part of the company Gastechnik Kirchner, which has been active on the market with gas pressure control and measurement systems and gas safety solutions for laboratories and kitchens for more than 20 years.

Flow measurement products

Metreg Technologies offers a complete product range for trade and non-trade gas measurement for industrial and commercial applications. The Metreg measuring devices stand out thanks to their high precision and sturdiness, and each is individually calibrated and tested to our own approved and international standards for traceable flow and pressure test benches.

The different types of Metreg meter can all be fitted with various low, medium and high-frequency pulse outputs. All devices can be connected to various electronic supplementary devices such as flow converters, data memory and data transfer devices for automatic flow determination or volume transfer.


Flow conversion

With the product line MECflex, Metreg Technologies offers a modern modularly structured product group for flow conversion to transfer measurement values under operating conditions to standard conditions. All MECflex products are compact, battery-operated state flow converters for direct attachment to the gas meter or attachment directly onto the inlet section, the wall or a tubular post in explosive areas.

The electronic flow converter from Metreg has a modular structure and can therefore be scaled up or down depending on what is required. The devices have an integrated AMR meter data read-out function via various modems, or as an option, can be combined with a device from the AMRflex product group. The MECflex device group is approved according to MID EN 12405 1(2011) & 2(2012) and can be optionally combined with an external MPUflex power supply.


Data communication

The MECflex converter range can be expanded to type AMRflex communication units. Data communication is becoming more and more important for generating process data on one hand, and accounting data on the other.

The data communication solution is also specific to the customer and project and can thus be presented as a very complex solution. The modular design of Metreg products also comes into effect here to meet these complex requirements.


Remote transmission software

The AVE 2 system has been developed for the automatic meter reading of flow converters and data loggers. The core task of the AVE 2 system is to read data from flow converters and data loggers from Metreg, but also from other manufacturers using telecontrol. As well as pure data transmission, the AVE 2 system also carries out validation and storage of data in a uniform data format. The AVE 2 system also transmits the validated data to other software applications.